Ian Morell

Ian Morell

Ian Morell is Chief Executive Officer of Caliber. As a seasoned financial analyst and mortgage industry expert, Morell brings over a decade of experience and founded Caliber in 2013.

Prior to Caliber, Morell grew one of the largest private real estate lending funds in Washington state, growing the fund tenfold over 5 years. Morell was also key in leading operational excellence, building multiple new divisions and growing the company to over 300 employees.

Earlier in his career Morell honed his industry expertise in leadership roles as a Loan Officer and Branch Manager at several firms, each time consistently ranking among the top producers.

A fierce competitor, Morell is also known for his integrity, his sense of fairness and his passion for investor success. A compelling leader with the ability to develop long-standing relationships and a serial entrepreneur, Morell knows what it takes to build a real estate portfolio from the ground up, while also bringing the expertise that allowed him to develop and manage one of the largest private real estate lending funds in the state.

Raised in the Seattle Metro area, Morell lives in Kenmore, WA with his wife, his 3 daughters and 2 dogs. A lifelong Seahawks fan, he also enjoys boating in the summer and traveling with his family.