About Us

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For your convenience, Caliber Real Estate has three offices in the area: Bellevue, Tacoma and Portland. Each office is run by helpful staff, all dedicated to providing you with service illustrating a higher degree of excellence.

Mission Statement

“We want to be set apart from other companies — respected for our vision — for excellence to be shown in all we do. Sure, we could be the status quo, but, because of who we are at our core, Caliber Real Estate strives to be more:

• more in our look and message;
• more in the way we handle business;
• more in how we present the homes we sell;
• more in the way we go after houses for our buyers;
• more in the cutting-edge technology and tools we use.

We want to be a cut above. We strive to offer what we believe conveys excellence so that everyone we work with gets to, by default experience the best — because that is what we are determined to be.”

~ Zack Lazo
Co-Founder & President

Who is Caliber

Caliber Real Estate is an investment minded real estate brokerage that understands real estate is not only a place to call home and creates memories, it is also likely the single largest financial investment made in one’s lifetime. Caliber Real Estate is dedicated to engaging our investment roots, unrivaled market knowledge, cutting-edge technology, and niche resources to completelyexceed the expectations of our clients, guide the best possible outcomes, and provide an experience that reflectsa higher degree of excellence within the real estate industry.

Core Values

We want to see each and every client, staff member, and partner not only succeed, but excel. To accomplish this goal,Caliber promises to:

  • Be transparent in our business operations.
  • Put our clients first in all that we do.
  • Develop and preserve individual relationships with our clients that span far beyond the timeline of each transaction.
  • Support and guide our clients through the entirety of each project, start to finish with integrity and perseverance.
  • Bolster growth and learning within a respectful work environment.